Welcome to WordIt’s time for SPLC to become accountable to your own staff and the donor public.
Your former leadership long ago built SPLC as little more than a fundraising machine grounded in partisan political division. You promise your donors that you will silence those with politics other than your own to capture their money, then insult them as “gullible northern liberals” behind their backs. The SPLC is as cynical as it is corrupt.

Indeed, you publish “hate map” lists that mix truly violent and hateful organizations with those guilty of no more than seeing the world differently than you. You demand that financial and tech giants stop doing business with all those on your list or face your wrath. And all too often, these public corporations do your bidding.

Recently, dozens of newspaper and magazine articles have examined SPLC critically in the wake of the firing of your founder and the resignation of your long-time president amid numerous claims of a systemic culture of racism and sexism within your workplace. Your own staff has been a primary source for these articles, offering many examples of your true goal, which is self-aggrandizement through the amassing of an ever-increasing endowment.

It’s time to come clean about SPLC’s shameful behavior:

  1. We demand that the SPLC appoint a truly independent public ombudsman to investigate financial and employment improprieties, and report directly to the donor public without censorship. Your appointment of Tina Tchen, with no public accountability, does not fulfill this role.
  2. We demand that SPLC withdraw its so-called “hate map,” which has been exposed by insiders as little more than a cynical fundraising tool. The SPLC must stop sowing the divisions it claims to cure.

We call on donors to suspend all donations until SPLC is reformed, accountable, and stops perpetuating a false notion of “hate” based on political division.

We are polling your board, your employees, and your donors to see where they stand, and will publish the results. Obfuscation and silence is no longer an option.

Brian Glicklich
Executive Director
Citizens for Corporate Accountability

If you are a current of former SPLC Employee with a story to tell, we are here for you.
Write us at: brian@citizensforcorporateaccountability.org